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life in philly

In which it all works out right in the end

As I continue to lose weight, I continue to need to update my wardrobe. Because money does not grow on trees around here, I make these updates slowly and carefully.

A few weeks ago I ordered a few things from ASOS, which has a very cute line called Curve that comes in helpful sizes.

An awesome skirt I wanted was out of stock in my size, so I ordered the next size up, figuring I could take it in a bit if necessary. It was long and black and had a very deep slit up one leg. I had visions of remaking my entire wardrobe around this skirt.

Last week, just as I was starting to wonder where my package had gotten to, ASOS sent me an e-mail notification that my package had been in their NY-area distribution center during Sandy, the apocalyptic s’nor’easter-cane. Which was flooded. They were sending everything back to the main warehouse for inspection. I was disappointed, but tried to hold onto hope.

Then I got another e-mail informing me that my package was damaged beyond saving.

Oh, noes!

And rather than just reship the order, they had cancelled it.

Oh, noes!

They gave me a $20 off coupon if I wanted to reorder, but everything had been on sale, and stock was running low. What were the chances that the items I wanted would still be available?

I was so bummed. For a very long time 20 minutes. And then I went back to the website and looked up my items.

Not only were they still available, but the skirt was back in stock in the correct size!

And with the coupon, I got everything I wanted for $20 less.

That's quite the Internet shopping epic! But yay for the ending :) I hope you enjoy your new stuff woohooooo!

I only hope there are no more weather incidents on its way here.

Yay on being able to reorder your stuff!

I would really like to buy myself some new clothes (I dream about it!), but my money tree totally died a while ago. I find some great stuff at certain thrift and secondhand shops in my size (which can be a women's 12 or 14 depending on the brand/designer), but I'm sure you know that thrift shopping can be disappointing when people similar to your size aren't donating clothing. One week it will be all size 0-8 stuff (grrr!) and another will be a treasure trove of good fits and gently used lovelies.

I don't have the time or energy for thrifting, alas.

But a $22 skirt and an $18 pair of leggings I can do. Especially with a $20 discount! And free shipping.

I try to get some good thrifting time in once a month - even if I don't buy anything, I can't help but look if I'm near a store.

I was just thinking about how I used to go thrift shopping constantly when I was a teenager. I loved those Riot Grrl 90's. I'd buy tons of wacky floral grandma dresses to wear with my combat boots. It was a lot cheaper then too.

I was a repurposed menswear girl, myself.

Oh that too! I had two sides! People didn't know what to think: Shaved head chick in a feminine dress wearing combat boots? What? Is she gonna kick me? Now she's wearing a suit? Who is that girl?! Is she gonna kiss me or kill me?

I still love the way menswear looks on me. I can't stomach floral prints anymore, though.

that is one sextastic skirt!

It is a gorgeous skirt and well-worth building a new wardrobe around. If you get too thin for it, can you hand it down to me?